Every design is custom made to your specification to whatever size, colour and scale, in qualities of pashmina, silk, veedon or Best Tibetan wool.

Blue Stars Veedon & Silk
Aquarium By Hilary Simon
Samuel's Squares
Ruffled Feathers
Darts II Patrick Tyberghein
Darts By Patrick Tyberghein
Dufy Leaves Silk
American 5 Star In Pashmina
Silk Chequerboard
Jungle In Pashmina
21st Century Graffiti
Original Mystic Swirls
St Marks Square II
Ripples In The Dunes
Lattice Diamonds
Damascus Shell In Silk
Augusta Beetle 1
She Comes in Many Colours
Dragonfly Hermione Skye
Happy Blondes Wendy Bray