Company Profile

Adam Gilchrist, Chairman and founder of Veedon Fleece, established the company in 1993, determined to create hand knotted carpets of unsurpassable quality and design. Veedon Fleece owes its supremacy in the world market to this single minded pursuit of excellence.  
His personal golden rule continues to be strictly observed, unchanged for over twenty years: 'All shortcuts lead to a fall.' This means only the best materials are used regardless of cost, to create each carpet, together with the most meticulous attention to detail.
His career began at Sotheby's, the international renowned auctioneers and valuers, where he acquired a sound knowledge of significant antique carpets. This understanding of excellence put in its historical context inspired Adam to start his own manufacturing business with the ultimate aim of producing purely bespoke hand knotted carpets that would become future heirlooms.  

In 1993 hand knotted carpets made to bespoke design specifications were a revolutionary concept. Veedon Fleece was rewarded by forward thinking architects and interior designers who understood that their VIP clients would appreciate unique carpets made especially for them, of matchless quality.

Every Veedon Fleece carpet is made to order, a 'couture' commission, in the Veedon Fleece workshops in Nepal by groups of dedicated men and women.

Carpets made to these exacting standards will remain as fresh after ten years as after a hundred.  The Veedon Fleece archive of traditional and contemporary designs is available for clients as a guide; from the classical Damask; oriental inspired Peony; the abstract in the form of Art Deco and many other designs, often inspired by the natural world. The choice is infinite. 
Leading architects and interior designers recognise that Veedon Fleece endeavour to achieve as perfection for each commission as possible.  Carpets are made for palaces, super yachts, presidential suites, couture showrooms, established country houses and private apartments. The diversity of style, confidence and authority of their many celebrated clients is reflected in Veedon Fleece's work. 

Initial consultation and careful attention to detail, including knot count and choice of yarn, as well as colour and relationship of design to specified carpet dimensions are crucial elements in the creation of each Veedon Fleece carpet. 
Adam Gilchrist oversees every aspect of Veedon Fleece. He has formed close working relationships with many influential interior designers and architects. His own industry, application, technical expertise, together with a profound aesthetic understanding and appreciation of visual art, informs the company.
A Veedon Fleece carpet, like the best carpets from antiquity, will be a treasured family heirloom of the future.