Special Commissions

The majority of our creative production is utilised in making one off couture or bespoke designs produced by leading interior designers especially for their clients. As their clients are looking for something totally unique, we have to abide by their request for total privacy, however we do have a few commissions that we are able to publish.
Katya in Silk
Art Deco
Special Commission 2
Silk Leaves
Commission HH
Special Commission 1
London Marble
Soane Blue Leaves
Gabhan OKeeffe
David Collins Studio
Blue Stars
David Collins Studio NYC
David Collins Studio London
Blue Waves
Leaves in Silk
Little Sea
Big Sea
Holland Park 2
Holland Park 3
Passion Runner
Ushak in Silk
HH Tartan
Bridge Deck Stripes
Shark Attack
HH Lattice Flowers
HH Pebbles
Midnight Moonphase
Fairhaven Armorial Carpet