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In  1993 hand knotted carpets made to bespoke design specifications were a revolutionary concept. Veedon Fleece was rewarded by forward thinking architects and interior designers who understood that their VIP clients would appreciate unique carpets made especially for them, of matchless quality.

Every Veedon Fleece carpet is made to order, a 'couture' commission, in the Veedon Fleece workshops in Nepal by groups of dedicated men and women.

Carpets made to these exacting standards will remain as fresh after ten years as after a hundred. The Veedon Fleece archive of traditional and contemporary designs is available for clients as a guide; from the classical Damask; oriental inspired Peony; the abstract in the form of Art Deco and many other designs, often inspired by the natural world. The choice is infinite.

Leading architects and interior designers recognise that Veedon Fleece endeavour to achieve as perfection for each commission as possible. Carpets are made for palaces, super yachts, presidential suites, couture showrooms, established country houses and private apartments. The diversity of style, confidence and authority of their many celebrated clients is reflected in Veedon Fleece's work.

A Veedon Fleece carpet, like the best carpets from antiquity, will be a treasured family heirloom of the future.

Nepal's Earthquake Updates  

Latest image received of the Boudhanath Stupa with bamboo scaffolding.  

24th July 2015   Things in Nepal are now running smoothly for us and we could almost say that it was business as usual considering the fact that the monsoon is now in progress. 

Update  11th June   Some good news for us.  The first three bales of carpets have now safely arrived from our workshops and the first two beauitful rugs delivered to their new home.  We see this as a real turning point as production slowly begins to start and more bales of carpets arriving over the next two weeks.    The rebuilding of our accommodation block has now started and we just need to try to keep ahead of the oncoming monsoon.   Things in Kathmandu are certainly not back to normal but our people are certainly beginning to look positive and hopefully put the worst behind them

Update 14th May   After the large earthquake on the 12th which was even felt in New Delhi, it is hard to comprehend just how heroic the weavers who have returned to our workshops, are.   There have been over 600 tremors since the first earthquake and since the last one, the majority of the populus of Kathmandu are once again living under canvas.  The situation regarding disease has  been somewhat exagerated as the authorities along with various ngo's have been doing fantastic work.    However, it does seem that things will in all probability get a little more difficult with the onset of the coming monsoon season.   

Our workshops are still intact and we thank those weavers who have returned after visiting their families.  We are expecting our first dispatch of carpets to leave Kathmandu International airport this weekend which for us is quite a relief.  The resilience of the Nepalese people is to be much admired. 

Friends, family and clients have all been incredibly supportive and generous since the devastating earthquake on the 25th of April.  Many clients have placed orders which is wonderful and those with carpets on the looms are being very understanding of our situation.   

So many people have asked 'how to help' so if you would like to make a donation our recommendations are towards the following:  The Gurkha Welfare Trust  - Shelter Box,, are all fantastic charities to which you can donate.  Also Luca and Camilla Corona who live and work in Nepal  are raising funds for the rebuilding of brick/mud houses for their community in the Chandra Ban area on the outskirts of Kathmandu.  They have a beautiful eco-lodge ( so please contact Camilla at     100% of any donation will go directly to the rebuilding of homes.  If you would like further information please do contact us directly on 01483 575758 and we can forward you more details.    We are, of course, supporting our own weavers and their families and this dreadful time.

There are so many charities who are working in Nepal at the moment and funds will get through.    Supplies of goods for rebuilding will, of course, be in short supply, but slowly slowly things will start happening.  There is a Prime Minster's fund in Nepal aimed at streamlining funds to where the government feel they are most needed.   

After 11 days, a good news update from Veedon Fleece. We are now starting to formulate times and production schedules.  Some of our weavers have been affected quite badly due to family losses outside the valley and these weavers have  three weeks compassionate leave. Our people want to get back to work and as this is one of the normalities of everyday life, they will start to put the horror of the disaster behind them.

Our looms will be operational from the 19th May and also around that time, our first bales of carpets should be leaving the airport destined for  London.   

Kathmandu  International  Airport is starting to streamline and deal more efficiently with the overwhelming quantities of aid and although things will not be back to normal for a long time, the situation there is improving.    It is impossible to say whether the country will ever totally recover from this terrible disaster, however it does seem that for Veedon Fleece, we will dust ourselves down and continue.  

We will rebuild our accommodation block and we would like to extend great thanks to those clients who have shown the confidence to place orders since the 25th of April.    

Through the help of trade, the country can start to heal itself. 

Earthquake Nepal One week and One day on   We are still pretty devastated by the events of the last week.  We can inform you that our workshops will be closed for a further week so that everyone has the time to readjust to the situation.

Earthquake Nepal Day 5  Entering the second day of national mourning, no weaving or other works are progressing as a mark of respect. 


Veedon Fleece is organising grants for weavers whose families have been severely affected outside  Kathmandu as news slowly filters back. 

The rain does not help, especially as our weavers are now living outside, and as you have seen on the news, so are the mass populous.

There are shortages of water, food and heating oil and the ever unreliable power supply has put a huge strain on the small supply of fuel to run independent generators. 

We confirm that our workshops are still standing and are also secure. At the moment all looms are standing in the workshops with carpets and yarn stocks being looked after so that weaving can recommence once the period of mourning is over and our relevant weavers are in a position to start work again. 

We ask all of our clients at this time to help share our compassion for the people in this time of need. 

We are currently looking for the correct NGO to support with further donations but for the moment  are supporting our weavers and families with Veedon Fleece funds that were set in place in previous years for this sort of disaster.


Our philosophy has always been 'trade not aid' but with such a major catastrophe, we are in communication with the Himalayan Bank as to which they see as the best and most effectively engaged NGO or charitable organisation on the ground and we will be guided partially by them as to where we would suggest any benevolent funds may be directed.

In the short term things are still likely to be getting worse and we will have advice for anyone wishing to make donations to help the stricken people of  Nepal.

At the moment  Kathmandu  Airport  is more or less log-jammed with aid. No commercial flights appear to be happening, with all capacity channeled towards aid.  We do not have a date when commercial flights will resume.

Just as a foot note, the minimum requirement for mourning for the loss of a parent is 13 days and there are strict observances which must be followed.

We hope that our clients will understand and although at present our losses have been relatively small on the scale of things, it is important that these formalities are treated with due respect.

Earthquake Nepal 26th April Day 2  As you will have seen from the news, yet another horrific earthquake today.   

News from our Managing Director (Nepal) is that our workshops are still standing and our weavers are all safe.   Our major losses have been to accommodation which we will rebuild as soon as we are able.   Currently most of the inhabitants of Kathmandu are living under canvas and things are not easy, especially with the common problems of power outages; at least some relief is given in the form of water delivered by tankers.     

We are receiving regular reports from our people in Kathmandu and will post furthers updates when information is available.   

Earthquake Nepal 25th April Day 1.  The position on the ground in   Nepal is still a little uncertain.   We are currently making every effort to mitigate any suffering by our people's families.   

We will report back individually on any delays in delivery of finished carpets that might occur along with reports on carpets in progress regarding any possible delays. At the moment we would appreciate our clients' patience whilst we fully assess and deal with the ongoing situation. Information from   Kathmandu is that there are still tremors and people are concerned that there may be more sever disturbances to follow.   Our workshops are contained and are relatively self sufficient so we are hoping for the best and acting on regular updates as they are received. 


Company Chairman