Adam on Big Sea
Purely Bespoke

With many years of experience working in the field of antique carpets at the prestigious auction house Sotheby's during the 1980's and thereafter on a more commercial basis, Adam Gilchrist, founder of Veedon Fleece believed that it should be possible to create leading quality hand knotted carpets and rugs made to order and on a purely one-off bespoke basis.

One of the founding principals was that no child labour be involved and although it meant a virtual cultural revolution at the time, this principal has continually been adhered to.

Fine tuning the technical skills and abilities available in Nepal in the early 1990's, Adam and his managing director, an ex Tibetan monk who remains with the company to this day, embarked on a quest to increase the quality of Nepalese carpet production. By using only what they considered to be the best raw materials available at the time, Best Tibetan wool, along with increasing the knot count and overall quality of production, they created a product that they considered acceptable to present to the world of interior design.

Over twenty years on, Veedon Fleece is now considered to be the leading producer of purely bespoke hand knotted carpets and is proud in the way they have led in the success of contemporary hand knotted carpet production in Nepal, concentrating on one-off couture commissions using muga, pashmina, silk, their unique veedon quality and Best Tibetan wool.